About Chosen Bath and Body

Driven By Healing

Dermatology is my path to helping people. I am Talaina Wright, an undergrad at Georgia State University. My major is in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Biomedical Science and Enterprises. My journey in the field of dermatology and entrepreneurship began years ago during my sister, Audia James’ life. In 2017, Audia was diagnosed with Lymphoma Hodgkin's cancer. During that stressful time, I began to research holistic medicine and alternatives to chemotherapy, radiation therapy , immunotherapy, and targeted drug therapy. My sister loved my interest and envisioned us with a natural products store for people seeking skincare and wellness holistically.

Tragedy struck in April 2018, but Audia became an angel. 

Audia’s life impacted my life in so many ways beyond being merely a sister; she was a best friend, a supporter, a fighter. Therefore, I was and continue to be delighted to carry on my sister's legacy. From Audia’s legacy to my interest in holistic medicine and specifically skincare products, I continue to receive customers and provide them with revitalized skin from the Chosen Bath and Body product line. My brand, Chosen Bath and Body, is specially designed with the customer’s skin needs in mind. The choice for holistic products is simple: chemical-based skin products do more harm than good, robbing the skin of essential oils and nutrients that maintain a youthful and healthy look. 

Chosen Bath and Body offers holistic and healing products not only for skincare but aromatherapy and energy cleansing such as advise about yoga, chakra alignment, meditation, and other forms of spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being. At Chosen Bath and Body, we offer Mother Gaia natural oils, butter, powder and seeds in various blended combinations that are unique to the holistic health product industry.

Chosen Bath and Body sells 100% natural products that tone and soothe the skin for a moisturized finish. 

At this time, Chosen Bath and Body is online. However, the grand opening of a brick and mortar location is in the works. Chosen Bath and Body is a brand where people feel they are heard, their needs are met, and they are comfortable. Chosen Bath and Body’s purpose is not looking to sell to customers but cater to individual customer situations. We’re a safe, open and healing community. We welcome questions about Chosen Bath and Body products. Not only will your skin look better after using our products, but you will feel better and be ready to share your discovery with the world.

"It feels good to be Chosen!". Choose Chosen Bath and Body…