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 I am Talaina Wright, I am passionate about advocating for holistic health and wellness because I truly believe we have the ability to heal our mind, body and soul. I bring a unique, scientific perspective to my work with insight I have in organic cosmetic chemistry and integrative modalities that are proven to be helpful. Therefore I am dedicated to helping others achieve optimal health and well-being, while constantly seeking out new ways to integrate traditional and alternative approaches in nutrition, bodywork and therapy. I believe that my passion for holistic health science makes me a valuable asset to any team or organization that is committed to improving and promoting a holistic lifestyle that is backed by science.

The moral purpose of Chosen is to formulate eco-conscious products that embodies pure love energy. Chosen uses our earths plentiful resources to reflect transparency and balance within the environment. Chosen has integrative intentional practices to help ground, nourish and empower the mind, body and soul. At Chosen sustainable self care is how we build a holistic community.

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